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How To Determine If Your Child Is Molested

Not all times one may know that a child may have been exploited or abused. But as parents, there is that very instinct and connection that tells us something is really wrong with our child. When a child has experienced abuse or exploitation, the natural reaction would be to conceal it because of the fear towards the one who did it or perhaps because of embarrassment. But whatever the reason is, you must be able to know first-hand that he has been subjected to child molestation. Parents should know if their child is already a victim of molesters. This is especially important if they want to help him endure such pain and recover from it. Child molestation coupled with actual physical contact can be determined if there is urinary problem and infection, traces of blood in underwear, and painful or sore genitals. If these conditions are bothering him, you might want to get the help of a doctor to determine the exact cause. The presence of molestation laws is a manifestation that it is a very serious crime. However, convicting suspects is not that feasible because victims do not like to talk about it. As parents, it is our duty to know, be educated, and learn the ways of determining the signs that our loved one is a victim of molestation. When your he doesn't want to talk, try your best to observe and monitor his behavior. If there is a rapid change that is far from the usual, then absolutely there is something wrong with him or perhaps he is hiding something. After which, relate the sudden change in behavior with him being suddenly detached. If he is beginning to avoid people, he might be afraid that other people will know about his experience. Now if it goes this far, you have to make a move and not just allow your him to be consumed by such evil experience. Another sign of sexual abuse and possible molestation is when he suddenly becomes an expert in any sexual stuff. If you think he is too young for those, then try checking and monitoring his computer and web access. There might be someone who's giving him access to pornography and other sexually related content. The worst thing that can happen with internet child pornography is when an online predator is able to convince a child to do sexual favors in exchange of gifts or any form of reward. So if there is physical or behavioral signs of molestation, you should start doing the necessary steps to stop whatever has been started. Do not wait until everything is too late and your he is consumed by trauma and fear of corresponding to anyone, even the parents.

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