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How to Identify a Child Molester

Profiling a child molester is not like a perfect and definite science. One of the major reasons why this type of crime against children has not been fully prevented is the fact that offenders differ from each other with regards to their modus, personality, status, gender, race, and others. When you want to identify a sex offender, it's really not a piece of cake. In fact, it's almost impossible to pick one in a crowd. Child molesters and sex offenders may have the following characteristics: - Have a relatively strong sexual urge and attraction towards children - Have a prior experience of abuse during their childhood - Like to be alone with children. Always find a way to be with them especially when no one else is watching - Very good at finding places and areas where there are a lot of children. These places include schools, churches, parks, daycare centers, malls, and children's clubs - Usually spend most of their time helping or assisting children - May look for women or companions who have children - Possess a very good credibility in the locality. Having a good reputation negates any type of accusation thrown at them, especially child sexual abuse - Master at trickery. Know how to groom a child well enough for them to gain trust - Molesters can be timid, shy, and become suddenly assertive and demanding - Have a significant bad history or failure in adult relationships and marriages - Possess most of the symptoms found in victims of child sexual abuse and molestation - May have experienced domestic and intra-familial abuse - Love to collect and watch child pornographic material - Will most likely deny being a child abuser or molester when caught - Have a good explanation or rationale behind the tendency of being close to children - Largely manipulative and controlling Now the traits we just enumerated can be found in the majority of convicted child sexual offenders. Unfortunately, there is really no effective means of detecting these signs prior to the actual abuse. What happens is that the only way to tell whether or not a person is a molester is when he already consummated the crime. What we mean here is that whenever we see someone having a weird sexual attraction towards children but haven't done anything to merit an arrest, there's no way we can stop them. It's a fact that sex offenders roam our neighborhood. Our children are therefore at a constant risk of being abused or molested. Even though there are so many ways where we can identify them, there's not enough reason to stop them when they even haven't done anything yet. Thus, the best weapon against these criminals is simply prevention. Parents and concerned people should look for ways in order for their children to avoid having contact, relationship, and communication with people who seek to harm and abuse them.

Sexual abuse offenders are a major safety concern for parents across the nation. Grant Carroll is co-founder of Child Refuge, an organization dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation of children and youth in the United States, and especially within the church. With growing technology, an online predator can easily become a threat that desperately requires the attention of parents and all society. Come and join the fight.

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