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How to Warn Children About Child Molesters and Sexual Abuse

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

As some of the most disgusting criminals on the planet, child molesters should be feared because they prey on young children, unable to protect themselves. It is the duty of each parent to provide their child with safety tips on how to stay safe, avoid strangers and protect themselves from child molesters and sexual abuse. Make sure you warn your kids about sexual abuse Children often learn basic dangers of the world at a very young age. However, according to statistics gathered by the Department of Justice, most child molestation victims are less than 13 years old. Thus, children need to be warned more often on how to protect themselves. While young kids can't possibly comprehend what a pedophile is they can learn their bodies belong to them. They can also learn there is no one allowed to touch them. Parents can help children learn which areas of the body are "private" by telling them all areas covered by a swimsuit should not be touched by anyone, for any reason. As the child gets older, they can be told about what to watch out for in a more direct way. Sure, the conversation on these topics is often uncomfortable for parents and their children but it's necessary. Children should know if someone tries to touch them inappropriately they should do everything in their power to get away from them. How you can keep your children safe All parents know there's no way to be able to watch your child ever moment of every day. But, having your child check in with you often is a good idea. Parents should know where their child is going, who they are going with and when they are supposed to return. It's a good idea to always have a phone number of all friends nearby as well. By keeping an open flow of conversation between you and your child, you can make your child feel good coming to you to talk about anything uncomfortable which occurs with a neighbor, friend or relative. Be sure to listen to your kids if they are telling you they don't feel safe when they are with a particular person because it may be their way of telling you something important. Talking about child molesters online With the emergence of the Internet, pedophiles are known to use chat rooms as tools to target children. They will often use online methods to set up meetings with kids. Often the predators will lie about their age or say they are friends of the child's parents. However, if a predator does try to meet with a child they will mostly likely also try to assault the child. To keep their children safe, parents should monitor the computer usage of their young children. In addition, they may choose to block potentially dangerous sites such as chat rooms or social networking sites for even older kids. Parents who do allow Web use should constantly monitor the child's activity online, getting all passwords to the child's account. National Sex Offender Registry Stats For Parents Due to an increase in awareness of sexual offenders, the sex offender registry is on online listing of registered sex offenders anyone can access for information on offenders in their area. Searches are easy to do by simply typing in a zip code to see if any sexual offenders live in your neighborhood. Today's news is full of kidnapped children who are later found to be sexually assaulted. Parents must do all they can to protect their children from predators and to help their children know exactly what to do if they are ever at risk of becoming a victim of child molestation or sexual abuse.

We have been creating, researching and giving safety tips for families and individuals for over 13 years. We know that education is key when it comes to safety. Just knowing the dangers of certain situations can help you avoid them all together. We also give a lot of advice on how to prepare for the unexpected. For example, carrying a basic self defense weapon like a pepper spray keychain. Although these must still be kept out of a child's reach, they are a non-lethal product that is much safety to keep in the home vs. a handgun.

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