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Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a serious crime that has constantly evolved through the years. Decades ago, sex offenders and pedophiles did not have the luxury of the internet as a tool for finding potential victims. But now, the web has enabled a dramatic increase in the number of child abuse victims all around the world. In fact, even developed nations like the United States are not exempted from this crime. Many American teens and children are becoming victims of sexual abuse while their parents don't even know about it. There are several cases that reveal that many child victims fail to report or tell about their sexual abuse experience due to reasons like fear, embarrassment, and confusion. Therefore, if you aren't sure if your child has been already abused, then you need to learn to find the indicators yourself. Here are some of them: - When you see physical signs like abdominal and genital pain, bleeding in the sensitive parts like the anus and genitals, or soreness and swelling of the same. - If your child suddenly prefers isolation, becomes aloof and lonely, or avoids contact and communication with other people even yourself. This can also be combined with the lack of interest in social activities and even going to school. - As soon as you see that your six year old kid becomes strangely well-informed when it comes to sex topics and sexual behavior, then someone might be feeding him/her that information. - If you child develops the habit of touching other kids and themselves particularly in their sensitive parts. If you observe this kind of behavior, it may represent a sign of prior sexual abuse. - Whenever there is a manifestation of disturbing behavior such as anxiety disorder, panic attacks, paranoia, distrust, and constant fear and pressure, your child may have been physically or sexually harmed by someone, but he/she is afraid to reveal it. Parents should remember that the indicators of child sexual abuse aren't present or similar for every case. For many of the cases, there may be two or three signs present while the others are unseen. Nonetheless, as a parent, you should be the one who knows your children best, and as soon as you observe that something is wrong with them, you need to talk to them immediately. Put in mind that children are very innocent and weak that if ever they are subjected to abuse, they don't have the strength and courage to disclose what has happened to them.

Child sexual abuse offenders are a top concern for many parents across the nation. It is important to understand that most abusers are well known acquaintances to their victims. You can find out important stats and tips at Child Refuge. We want everyone to understand that a child sexually abused needs to be believed, protected and supported in order for the abuse to stop and healing to start.

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