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Know Steps a Sexual Molester Takes on Your Child

In 2006, the Secretary-General of the United Nations transmitted to the UN General Assembly a world report on violence against children that had been compiled by an independent expert for the UN. During a recent year, according to the report, an estimated 150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 years of age experienced "forced sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual violence." Those numbers are staggering, but the report notes: "This is certainly an underestimate." A review of studies from 21 countries suggested that in some places as many as 36 percent of women and 29 percent of men had been subjected to some form of sexual victimization in childhood. The majority of the perpetrators were relatives! Many parents today still do not know how sexual molester take it's own on their children. As a parent, you need to know this so that you prepare yourself and your children for the fight ahead. The following are what you are to know: 1. He Pretend to be trusted: An abuser will not use force on his victims. He prefers to seduce children gradually. He selects a child who seems vulnerable and trusting, which will relatively easy to control. Then he singles out that child for special attention. He may also even try to win the trust of the child's parents. Molesters are often expert at pretending to be sincerely interested in the child and the family. 2. He becomes more physical: Then, the molester will begin grooming the child for abuse, gradually becomes more and more physical with the child through innocent-looking displays of affection, playful wrestling, and tickling. He may even give generous gifts and begin to separate the child from friends, siblings, and parents, in order to spend time alone with the child. 3. He keeps secret with your child: At this point, he asks the child to keep some minor secret from the parents-perhaps a gift or plans for some future excursion. This tactics set the stage for seduction. When the abuser has won the child's trust and that of the parents, he is ready to make his move. 4. Exploiting your child: Subtly not violently or forcefully, he exploit the child's natural curiosity about sex, offering to act as a "teacher," or he may suggest that they play a "special game" together that only they will know about. He may try exposing the child to pornography in order to make such behavior seem normal. 5. Time to cover his tracks: If he succeeds in molesting your child, he is now eager to ensure that the child does not tell anyone about it. By using a variety of tactics, like: threats, blackmail, and blame, or perhaps a combination of these. There is no end to the devious and malicious tactics such individuals will try. So as a parent you need to know beforehand the behaviors of your child your child before the molester comes in. you will live to regret it if your child become a victim.

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